Intuitively playful



Anni Koch-Knudsen expresses herself by way of many different materials and painting techniques. Anni plays and experiments with colours and modes! There are practically no limits when it comes to which fields she moves in, all from abstractions, figurative objects, collages or wax paintings. To her, only the sky's the limit. Particularly in her abstract painting, you find a double meaning and more pictures in one which create an interesting effect and vividness. Here, Anni seems to follow the flow of creativity which comes from inside and out on the canvas. She enjoys indulging in the process and to follow her inner urge to express herself through painting. Through the intuitive painting, strong pictures which have been hiding are now released and conveyed. Sometimes, you even get the impression that the pictures have almost painted themselves.

Anni Koch-Knudsen has found an existential standpoint contemplating in the painting process which to her seems like some sort of a spiral of development where she can be present and at the same time offer us, the beholders, room for immersion and to experience her feelings and mood as to the painting and what she is affected by from the outside. Everything takes place in a safe space inside her and helps making her pictures personal, as she lets herself flow into the wonderful world of colours. Her intuition shows her the way.

In the painting process and work with her painting, she lets go of her flow of thoughts and shuts off the outer world to step into another space where feelings and spirit are the dominating factors for a while. She has no idea of how the end result will look like. It is the inner world of pictures that decides how the picture will be in the final phase.

Her pictures are spontaneous and filled with positive energy. They contain a connection despite the fact that it was made without prior logical thinking and objective. They are a product of a spontaneous perception of a totality which may be divided into constituent elements and a new story can begin.

Anni Koch-Knudsen releases joy and leaves a living moment and a way to obtain peace and insight. You feel the good energy in her work making room for the inner child which enchants us and gives us an impression of the happy and effortless life.


©By Kirsten-Marie Hedeland, tv host at ”Kunst for Tiden” and writer at Kunstavisen, November 2013.



Information from me to you about my works and me::

To me painting is to live in the moment. The creative process challenges me to combine colours and shapes matching my present moment. I let go of multi-faceted impressions and recharge for new experiences and challenges... and new paintings.

To paint and be creative has always been my access to release joy, peace, delight and insight.

My own paintings are a mixture of personal processes and my inner child expressed in colours and shapes. The purpose of my paintings is to touch the spectator where he/she needs to be touched, here and now.

I have an abstract side and a more figurative side in my works

Every painting has a story to tell - but it is not the same story that everybody reads in to the painting

Influences from colour and shape will create harmony, energy, peace or other individual experiences.  Colour and shape stabilises or challenges you consciously or unconsciously. All my paintings have their own way to show up on the canvas – that is why they are very different in colours and expressions

In recent years since my start in 1995 and especially during the last 3-4 years I have had a fast development and have got many positive feedbacks from many people.

That’s why; I have chosen now to be a far more active visual artist in exhibitions and sending my paintings out in the world

The first many years from the start in 1995, I worked alone and without any training, as I wanted to preserve my pleasure of painting and not be affected by all the different people's opinion of how I was to express myself, etc.

I still work alone but since then I have participated in courses with Favadi and Pierre Beskow.

The latter has been a great inspiration and provocateur when it comes to testing my limits and to be challenged in using my many possibilities within the world of colours.

I am an active member of the Danish art association called Gundsø Kunstforening and also of the Danish group of artists called Gulddyssegårdens Billedkunstnere – both places,  where I can express my artistic freedom

When I am painting, I release all the stuff inside me - experiences from my life, looking at nature, my connections around me, my learning processes in my own life and from my meetings with so many people during my work as a therapist, the impact of a movie or the story in a book.

I am painting from my heart with my hands as brushes. Very often I find out that if I hade a meaning about the way to paint it – it is changing and find its own way out af the brushes.

The more joy, freedom and loss of control, I put into my painting, the better for the process and the result

That is one of the reasons that my paintings are so different from each other, another is that I am playing as a child during the process, seeing new things coming up, finding new ways to paint – using other methods as Encaustic Art, , mixed media and collage

Normally I am painting 2-4 paintings in the same colors or the same substances  - and then my pictures are shifting to another expression or method.

Sometime I challenge myself and painting very different as My blue Madonna – painting in oil using the old method from the old well-known artist from Europe

When the picture is finished, it has its own feedback to me and my goal is - that both spectators and buyers find something that hit them one way or another – known as unknown

I enjoy, that people have/get a reaction from my works - like it, love it, be/get provoked, irritated, hate it – everything is OK – but not get bored.